Spring flowers and CLAN

A busy weekend has just ended – plenty of digging involved, of one kind or another, with the start of casting some peats and the ongoing digging, weeding and planting of the vegetable patch at home. It was good though to make the most of the sunny weather to take a wander around my fields, and give the macro lens a first outing this year (well, almost a first – it got a go at some Ecuadorian orchids at 12,500 feet up in the Andes in February, more of which in due course). I have a lovely patch of Common Daisies Bellis perennis in one of my fields, and some of them have bright cerise petals. They made a pleasing and cheerful subject.

140517 Daisies Sunday saw me out of the island to fulfil a longstanding commitment, to go along to the local CLAN cancer support group to give a short talk about Shetland’s breeding birds. Such a pleasure to be asked, and we had a good couple of hours telling tales and sharing wildlife experiences. Terrific stuff.

CLAN do a lot of good work up here in Shetland – it’s worth checking out their website. http://clanhouse.org/

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