IMG_0111This is my natural history writing and photography blog. It’s a little less formal than the rest of the website – this is where I’ll keep track of my travels, post a few photos I’ve taken recently, and write a little about what’s been going on in recent days. I hope you enjoy sharing these encounters as much as I have enjoyed experiencing them first-hand.

Please pop along and explore the rest of my website at www.jondunn.com and, if you’re on Twitter, you’ll find me posting daily at @dunnjons – probably when I should be writing…


4 Responses to About

  1. John fishWick says:

    A great blog site Jon , well done.I am one of the regularGp s on Whalsay .Are you able to give me any prompts about where to look for the lesser twayblade , adders tongue and Autumn gentian. Best wishes . John

  2. Jeff Hodgson says:

    Hi John, I thought I’d posted a response to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading about our Rhodes trip and bringing it back to life again. You didn’t mention the post-orchid beers though, which I very much enjoyed too! This year promises to be very different, all the very best and look after yourselves
    Jeff Hodgson

    • Jon Dunn says:

      Hi Jeff – no, those post-orchid beers seem to have evaded the account, but they did indeed happen and most enjoyable they were too! Yes, this year is a very different proposition – one where I sincerely hope that all of my friends and former guests stay safe and sound. Very best, Jon

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