A Boxing Day storm on Shetland

161226-weather-vane-broughBad weather in Shetland is a funny thing. No laughing matter, of course, but it’s a source of wry amusement that what qualifies as bad weather in the rest of the UK is unremarkable here – and that when we get really bad weather it invariably either goes unremarked nationally or else is reported with inappropriate hyperbole. Shetland folk, meanwhile, just get on with Shetland life.

161226-west-loch-of-skawWe’ve been blessed with a peach of a year for fine weather in Shetland in 2016, but two of the first named storms of winter 2016/17 have made landfall here. Storm Barbara was moderately disruptive in the run-up to Christmas Eve while, in the small hours of this morning, Storm Conor made himself felt – and is a much feistier proposition than his predecessor. Gusts approaching 100mph have been measured here in the islands today.

161226-smoking-seas-pelagic-boats-symbisterThe wind is easing off now, but a couple of hours ago I went for a wander around the island to see how things looked. Pretty bleak, in summary! The wind was making waves on freshwater lochs, while the sea was smoking with salt water vapour seething off the waves.

161226-ferries-cancelled-signage-symbisterOur regular ferries on and off Whalsay have been cancelled, and all our fishing boats are safely tied up in Symbister harbour. There were, of course, precious few people out and about – and even the island’s sheep were keeping a low profile, tucked behind whatever shelter they could find. I took a leaf from their book and headed for home, a warm house and a cuppa.


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