Spring Equinox

160320 IMG_8462 Wild Daffodil blogsizeToday’s the Spring equinox here in the northern hemisphere. Perversely Shetland, being contrary like that, is marking the occasion with a lacerating north-westerly and a return to wintery weather.

A year ago today we were enjoying the near-total solar eclipse here in the islands. That was a moment that, symbolically, marked the official end of winter but also heralded the beginning of the dark, unhappy days that were summer 2015 in Shetland.

Here’s hoping 2016 is a brighter one.

160320 IMG_8480 Wild Daffodil tweetsizeThere are just a few days to go now before I set off on my travels to begin researching my book in earnest. I’ll be taking a lot of plant photos in the course of the coming months and, as of this morning, there’s something else to practice with here in my fields – the first of the naturalised Wild Daffodils has tentatively bloomed today.

I want to develop my plant photography this year; inspired in no small part by the gorgeous images Howard Sooley produces. I’ve a long way to go, but am going to be getting plenty of opportunities as the months of spring and early summer unfold.



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