60 North Winter 2015

60 North winter 2015Once again I’ve got a piece in the latest edition of ’60 North’ magazine – this time of year is a little quiet for wildlife-watching opportunities in Shetland compared to the hustle and bustle of spring, summer and autumn (though there’s still plenty to see year-round, of course), so it seemed like a good opportunity to expand a piece on beachcombing I’d written earlier this year.

There are multitudes of beautiful seashells to be found on Shetland’s beaches and, once one looks closely, some unusual landscapes (and seascapes, of course) that can’t be appreciated until you’re right at sea level. And there’s always the chance of an Otter or a seal or two, no matter what time of year you’re down at the shore. Our big winter storms can bring in all manner of interesting flotsam and jetsam, manmade and natural alike.

IMG_1446 Mixed shell debris for blogMy beloved cowries amongst them…

A small disclaimer though for anyone reading my article in ’60 North’ – you’ll notice all the species names in there have been reproduced in lower case and, where I’ve included Latin names, they’re not in italics. This is, of course, not how I wrote the piece! The magazine’s editors prefer seeing species names in their own house style…

I think that’s a shame, but heyho – when all’s said and done I enjoy writing these short articles, and hope that readers will still enjoy a wander on Shetland’s beaches with me this winter – and will get the gist of what the species are no matter how incorrectly reproduced their names may be!

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