60 North Autumn 2015

60_north autumn 2015Time’s a funny thing – it seems like only yesterday that I was thrilled to discover I’d got the front cover of the summer issue of ’60 North’ magazine with a macro photo of a Lesser Twayblade. Yet here we are and three months have elapsed in the blink of an eye, and with them comes the autumn issue of ’60 North’.

This is a food and drink special, so I’ve had to think a little laterally where a natural history angle is concerned. Fortunately there’s been a local tradition of eating more than just the sea fish from the local larder – Shetland folk in the past were partial to all manner of bird-related meals – be they Guillemot eggs gathered from Foula’s precipitous cliffs, Snow Buntings trapped with horse-hair snares on Fair Isle, or a delicious Starling pie…

Starling on Lobster carcass blogsize(I’m really not convinced about the merits of Starling pie. Frankly it sounds bogging… I suppose those were different times though, and protein was valuable wherever it could be found).

My latest piece for ’60 North’ looks at the historical use of wild birds as a dietary supplement here in Shetland – in the next issue I’ll be coming right back into the present and doing a spot of beach-combing…

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