Rare Bird Alert

rba sept15I’ve been writing occasional weekly Rarity Round-Ups for Rare Bird Alert for a couple of years now. They vary hugely from week to week depending on the time of year and what the wind has been doing in the preceding days.

At this time of year, with migration in full swing, Britain and Ireland stand at a crossroads and the wind direction is somewhat more moot than usual. Anything from the east or the west can be productive. This past week has seen a bit of everything, and the birds have come from pretty much every point of the compass. This makes for an intense data assimilation and writing experience – but it’s certainly not boring, and gives me some vicarious thrills name-checking birds that I’m not going to see perched up here in my northerly vantage point.

(Though of course Shetland doesn’t do badly at all for rare birds! And this week I’ve been involved in making my own headlines…)

This week’s witterings have just gone live on RBA’s website. Have some birds… lots of ’em!

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