Shetland’s rare beauty both in and at 60 North

Summer 60 NorthIt’s been a cold and miserable start to the summer here, an ill wind that blows no good having descended on us since mid April, and one that to this day shows no sign of abating. I’d like to hope that better times lie ahead, but in the face of the chilly, bleak conditions it’s hard to believe that they possibly do.

Harder still then to believe that Shetland’s home to some absolutely stunning orchids, flowers normally associated with hot, steamy conditions in most folks’ minds. Meanwhile we’re 60 degrees north, at the same latitude as southern Greenland – and yet there are some 10 species of orchid to be found here.

140618 Early Marsh Orchid Unst blogsizeI’ve long harboured a fascination with this charismatic family of flowers – and hopefully shortly I will have even more good news about that fascination blossoming into a much bigger writing project – but for now you can read all about Shetland’s orchids in the latest edition of ’60 North’ magazine.

I’ve written a short article all about them; and there’s an apparently mouthwatering selection of my photos there too… one of my colleagues said she wanted to lick them! That’s a first for me…

(And, I suspect, the first time a humble Lesser Twayblade has made someone’s mouth water, let alone graced the front cover of anything).

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1 Response to Shetland’s rare beauty both in and at 60 North

  1. I would never have associated orchids with this environment. Thank you for sharing this.

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