A Costa Rica hummingbird quest

It’s been a busy month for me, with two trips to the Americas under my belt in February. The latter was a brief but intense visit to Costa Rica – a visit with a very specific focus, namely to see as many species of hummingbirds as I could in the short time available to me.

There are someĀ gorgeous hummingbirds to be found in this small, friendly country, and right up at the top of my wishlist was the beautiful and unique Snowcap.


The trip went really well, in no small thanks to local birder and guide Pat O’Donnell’s invaluable assistance. I’d throughly recommend anyone going to Costa Rica for wildlife watching purposes get in touch with this friendly and uber-helpful guy. We had an absolute blast, and I can’t wait to get back there again. Pat’s website is here: http://birdingcraft.com/wordpress/

In the end, we managed to see 37 different species in just two days – a really impressive haul of these charismatic birds. I came back home to Shetland walking on air…

My friends at Rare Bird Alert have published an article today I wrote about the whole fabulous experience, illustrated with some of my photos. I hope you enjoy it!


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