60 North magazine

I’ve written occasional pieces for 60 North magazine in the past couple of years – and am delighted to now be providing a regular, quarterly wildlife article for the magazine going forwards, particularly now it has taken the leap from being available solely in digital format to being available in a lovely printed format as well.

I’ve lots of ideas for stories in the months and years to come – there’ll be a mix of the usual suspects, some delving into the past for historical yarns, and highlighting some of Shetland’s unsung wildlife delights. It’s not all about the Otters and Puffins here, though they’re understandably the best-known stars of the show!

Puffin portrait at sunset

There’s a piece in the latest issue of 60 North looking at the journeys some of the seabirds here undertake every year. Shetland’s coastline is a more cosmopolitan place than you might imagine…

60 North Summer 2014

(In case you’re wondering – why 60 North? – it’s a reference to Shetland straddling the 60th parallel northerly circle of latitude. That’s the same parallel that runs through St Petersburg in Russia and Alaska in north America; only a little way south of Anchorage. Yes, we’re a long way north… Shetland’s closer to the Arctic Circle than it is to London – in fact, it’s closer to the Arctic Circle than it is to Manchester!)

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