Sumburgh Head

For the past couple of years I’ve been involved in the restoration and development of the Sumburgh Head lighthouse complex here in Shetland. It’s been incredibly rewarding to sit on the project management team and see this all come to fruition; Sumburgh Head itself sits at the southern tip of Shetland, and is home to a magnificent Stevenson lighthouse, many breeding seabirds, and the local RSPB offices. The project has seen, amongst other things, the lighthouse and surrounding buildings restored to their former glory, a superb visitor centre and accommodation incorporated, and some new space for the RSPB. Formally opened in June 2014 by the Princess Royal, it’s already proving very popular. On a personal note, I’m delighted to see images I supplied being used throughout the official guidebook, and on the Sumburgh Head website.

Sumburgh Headblog2

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One Response to Sumburgh Head

  1. What a good and honorable project to be involved with. I am a huge fan of preserving lighthouses. Your photos undoubtedly a fine addition to the guidebook.

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